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Company Profile

Newton Industries Ltd. was founded in 1997 to meet the need for a high quality, “just-in-time” manufacturer capable of taking projects or products from concept to delivery.

Newton Industries provides full product ion development including product design, development, mould design and development, engineered and non-engineered components and post-production assembly. The value-added benefit of dealing with one company for the manufacturing life of your product is self-evident. No longer do you need to deal with the designer, the toolmaker, the manufacturer, the packaging company and the assembly company.

Newton Industries provides you with a high level of service that is focused on meeting our customers unique and individual needs. It is our mission to not only meet these requirements, but to use our years of experience to advise you of any improvements that may add value and save costs to your products.

Our customer base is made up of medium to large sized companies dealing in commercial and retail products with distribution areas throughout Canada , the USA and overseas. We proudly serve customers by creating products for use in Point of Sale displays, lighting/electrical and communications components, retail/home improvement and building supplies, sporting goods/outdoor equipment and more.

                                  “Our Goal is to Exceed your Expectations”


The People

Mr. Craig Vaughan

Mr. Vaughan brings more than fifteen years of experience to Newton Industries Ltd. His expertise lies in the proprietary and custom component market of the plastic injection moulding industry.

During these years, Mr. Vaughan has been responsible for both long-range corporate planning and day-to-day functioning of a plastic injection moulding company. For eight years he was a key team member of, and instrumental in, the administration of a medium sized plastic moulding company with $20 million in sales annually. His areas of responsibility included the accounting department, the development and administration of J-I-T materials acquisition department and the design and implementation of a production scheduling system. His success led to his being asked to accept the position of Plant Manager, his primary mandate being to streamline the processes for the production department, including all functions ranging from manufacturing of components to post-assembly and delivery.

Mr. Byron Weir

Mr. Weir has more than twenty years experience in plastic injection molding industry for the proprietary product market providing a very broad-based area of experience.

Early in 1980, Mr. Weir was involved with high volume business equipment using automation systems, overmoulding processes and print techniques for the computer industry. In the mid-1980's he took a change of direction with a company whose primary focus was custom molding consumer products for the housing industry. By the late 1980's, Mr. Weir took on the challenge of high volume personal consumer products for an international company with over $25 million is annual sales. He was bought in for his expertise in the area of developing automation procedures capable of interfacing with personnel, plus coating systems that are still state-of-the-art technology today.

The early 1990's moved Mr. Weir into high volume production of garden and nursery supplies. Once again he was responsible for maintaining production at levels that could supply $20 million dollars in annual sales. His position required him to assist in the research and development of production equipment requirements, and to provide the groundwork for automating in the future. During this time Mr. Weir provided both technical and managerial support to these companies.

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